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Kevan at Loch Maree by Jennifer Horsfall 2012


'A compulsively readable, & beautifully written tale of love and loss. The interweaving of past and present, the earthly and the supernatural creates a poetic and haunting novel - one that is as uplifting as it is heartbreaking. Maud's determination and endurance is a great testament to the possibilities of the spirit. Her search for something permanent in a transient world is a journey we can all relate to. A great achievement...a beautiful book.'

Waterstones Recommends (on The Long Woman, 2004)

The Windsmith Elegy series by Kevan Manwaring

'Kevan Manwaring writes in the bardic tradition of English prose, one which honours the vision of our landscape as sacred ground and knows that our lives and history are at their most intense when lived in close relation to its claims on the soul. His WINDSMITH ELEGY represents an impressive and substantial body of work.'  Lindsay Clarke, Whitbread prize-winning novelist, author of  The Chymical Wedding & The Water Theatre  






Oxfordshire Folk Tales by Kevan Manwaring

Storytelling for a Greener World - Hawthorn Press 2014

Contributing author


Northamptonshire Folk Tales, History Press 2013


Desiring Dragons, Compass Books 2014


Oxfordshire Folk Tales, The History Press, 2012